Writing, Recording, Mixing or Mastering but not certain you will capture world-class sound before your budget, time or sanity is up?  Start here, Finish 1st.

Try our little Flash mixing board while you read how Compact Audio brings major release sound every time! Enjoy.

Compact Audio serves and connects to every faction of the entertainment industry... giving the ultimate means to an end for your project's success.  Cutting edge production equipment.  An extremely creative music team with a solid track record.  Established connections throughout the industry nationally and worldwide.  The know-how & passion to make the vision of your project come alive; surpassing your expectation. 

Your project's only as strong as its weakest link.  While creating your success with Compact Audio you have an outstanding network of music and production professionals.  Local associates aside, Compact Audio employs more than a dozen world-class musicians whom operate remotely from around the globe.  However depending on the nature of the project, most, if not all your project is masterminded here in Halifax, NS. Combining the best of talent & technology, we customize our services to meet your demands and make the most out of your world-class project and budget constraints. As our client, you decide who's in the drivers seat.  It's your project, you can dictate every detail of the project or place your entire project in the hands of a "tried and true" production team. Your project will have all the goods to be nothing less than an "original hit". 

           Pick a journey:

Recording Artists Information
Recording Artists Services:
* Music Production and Preproduction at all levels - Identifying project Goals, Creating the plan, Song Writing, Producing, Tracking, Editing, Mixing & Mastering.
* Superior Studio Production.
* Competitive Pricing.
* Factor funding support.
* Financing support.
* After studio direction -  Connections, Networking, Management, Advertising & Consulting,
* Connecting you with the right Talent, Investors & Entertainment Agencies.
* See the staff, the studio, services, artists samples, rates & contact info.

Completing your world-class album or demo is a monumental task.  Don't stop there, we help complete your career mission.

General Musician and Other Services:
Drums on Demand - Order perfect "live" studio drum tracks to go from 5 accredited drummers using web based conferencing with Protools.
* Hire A PRO - Onsite consulting, technical support and education for pro & home studios related issue & digital audio workstations.  Get help fixing problems in a matter of minutes rather than days.
* Live Recordings, Live Backing Tracks.
* Live Sound production - Hire FOH sound tech and / or Rent PA equipment.
* Rent Studio Gear.
* Gear Pig - Buy and Sell Items.
* Gigs & Bookings for events and venues.
Transfer Audio - LP records, Cassette, Reel to Reel & 8-track to CD.  Audio Restoration & Noise Reduction. Transfer Video - VHS, Hi 8 (8mm) and Mini DV to DVD.  Digital Video editing & burn to DVD.
* See
 services, the staff, rates, gear pig, & contact info.
Talk is cheap, we're into accelerated action.

Commercial Media Direct Information
Commercial Media Services:
* Jingles
* Commercial Advertising for TV, Radio & Web.
* Audio Postproduction for TV, Radio & Web.
* TV and Movie Scores
* Agency for Talent, Songs, Music, Artists & Entertainment.
* Access to our large network of talented original and cover bands.
* Hire a live band for commercial work or for a company events.
* See commercial media for a full range of demos and more info.

Combining the best talents, resources & technology available today.


Oct. 9th - The highly acclaimed, legendary Gold & Platinum Rock & Pop Producer Dale Penner (Right), who has produced for Nickleback, Holly McNarland, Matthew Good Band, Econoline Crush and several other big time acts returns to Compact Audio for the second week in a year to finish recording Sheva's new Album.   Eddie (left) is entranced by Dale's legend and wealth of rock wisdom (not to mention the 40 ouncer he & Dale shared just prior to the photo!)

Nov.1st, '06 - Compact Audio hires John Longley full-time check The Staff for more.

Nov. 28th '06
- Our latest Ad for Halifax, NS.

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