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Justin Felix
Justin Felix is a professional audio engineer working out of Compact Audio Recording Studios in the Halifax area. He graduated NSCC Recording Arts in 2010 and since has been consistently working with local bands and artists. Over the past few years Justin has worked on numerous albums that have been released across Canada and online in many international countries.

For a full album list and other samples of Justin's work, please visit:

And a live off the floor session:

Justin has worked with:
A Sight For Sewn Eyes
As Cities Sleep
The Bad Bad Bad
Calm and Collective
Dumpster Mummy
Emergency Broadcast
Eyes on Caroline
First To Fall
For The Hollow
Forward Unto Dawn
Johnny Dick Project
Memoirs! Memoirs!
Michael Delano
Of Vice and Virtue
Shatter The Sunrise
To Oblivion
Tyler Guest
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