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Unfortunately some of our work cannot be displayed here as it would infringe on the author's wishes.  Also, many demos here are not final album release versions.  Lot's of great sounding new stuff to be posted here by the end of December.

Style                        Artist                 Purpose / Date                 Compact Audio credits 

Rock Human Album Tracked, Edited, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at C.A

Halifax based rock group, 'Human' has made waves throughout the Atlantic Provinces. Winning the 2003 ECMA Rock Artist / Group of the Year award was a symptom of the hard work the group has done over the course of the last three and a half years.

July 2006:
Clips: Human - ToThePoint Clip.mp3 - This song has given Human a 4.8 out of 5.0 star voting on GarageBand.com even after 7 months of play!  Go to GarageBand.com to hear more.  Note: the song versions on Garage band are older than what's here.

         Human - Impression Clip.mp3 - Another song that's done well on GarageBand.com and has received a lot of attention from the industry.

         Human - Four Song Clips.mp3  - What Makes You, Questions, Like This & All I have.

                                                           Jan. 2005:
Human - I will fall clip Jan.05.mp3 - Rough Mix
                                                           Oct. 2001:
                                                           Songs:   Human - Being Here - This one took Eastern Canada and received airplay throughout Canada.
                                                                         Human - Greed - 2001


Rock / Pop

Paul G.

PrePro / Album Dec. 04

Produced, Tracked, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at C.A.

Clips: Paul G - ChemicalDrums or
Paul G. - Vocals, Acoustic Gtr.
Eddie Fisher - Drums, Bass, Keys & Harmonies.
Keith Marum - E Guitar.

        Paul G - Hold On - Preproduction
Paul G. - Vocals, Acoustic Gtr.
Eddie Fisher - Drums, Bass, Keys & Harmonies.
Chris Inetti - E Guitar.

       Paul G - 2 Song Clip - Preproduction

Wow, we've got a lot of cool stuff by this guy coming up soon!

Soft Pop/ Rock


Album - July. '05 & Oct. '06

Vocals, Some Guitars, Bass

Executive Producer Dale Penner with Sheva @ CA
Music Nova Scotia award nomination for "Pop/Rock Recording of the Year!"

Sheva did some of her PrePro work at CA, then starting working with Dale in Big Mountain studio (Aerosmith, Bryan Adams and many other greats) in Vancouver.  When it came to recording Sheva's stunning Vocals, Sheva returned CA to  claiming they were the best could find anywhere.  She has since had her band record a couple of songs at CA to finish her Album.

For Audio Clips go to http://www.shevaonline.com/ or              http://www.myspace.com/shevasolomon to listen to some of the tunes.


Ryan Evans

Sept. /04 - Demo / Album

Mixed, Edited & Mastered at Compact Audio 

Ryan & Eddie worked on some PrePro before Ryan went to L.A.  Produced by Shelia E. (Self-Titled, Prince, Kenny Rogers, many more).  Drums - Greg Bissonette on  (David Lee Roth, James Taylor, Don Henley, Counting Crows, Santana, long list continues). Bass - Matt Bissonette.

Clips: Ryan E - Had a feelin.mp3  
Ryan E - Inseption.mp3
          Ryan E - Wake me up.mp3
Ryan E - Been around.mp3





Heavy Rock

Hadrian Seven (H7)

 Album - June. /04

Tracked, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at CA

H7  Clips: H7 - Comes around 16 Demo.mp3


76 AM

 Album - Sept. /03

Tracked, Produced, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at CA

Clips: 76 Am - 4 walls - Sept 14, 03.mp3
76 Am - Great Sept. 16th,03.mp3







Blues / Southern

Rick Jeffries (Originals)

Aug, 01 - Factor Grant,

Mixed, Edited & Mastered at CA

The late, great Master Bluesman - 1950 - 2003.  Many know Rick as the harpist of 9 years for Dutchy Mason.

Time Frame for 1 song: 4 1/2hrs

Clip: Rick Jeffries - 13 Vultures.mp3




Christian Pop Rock

Simmons (Originals)

 Singles: June. /04

Tracked, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at CA 

(No Pic available)  These Tracks we're done live off the floor.
                                                   Simmons - Victorious Living Nov.,04.mp3
                                                   Simmons - We Declar (Short Demo).mp3


Acoustic Blues, Rock Charlie A-Court  PrePro - May. /05 Tracked, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at CA
Charlie has received MusicNS awards for Galaxie Best New Artist, Album, Male Artist, Blues Artist 
and Entertainer Of The Year; along with the ECMA for Blues Artist of The Year.

Charlie A-Court recorded some basic preproduction here back in May '05.  He's certainly going places now.

Clips: Charlie A-court - DemoClip1.mp3
          Charlie A-court - DemoClip2.mp3


Rock/ Fusion/ Funk

JAC  (Original) 

Prepro, Album

Tracked, Mixed, Edited & Mastered at CA

2003 - Butterfly - Recorded Sept.'03.mp3 Mix not yet finished, it's here to give you a taste of the new stuff.
John Council - Vocals / Guitar, Craig Power - Bass, Eddie Fisher - Drums / Perc. BU Vocals

2001 - Joe 6 pack.mp3   Think what you want (live).mp3   Things you Do.mp3  After the night.mp3
John Council - Vocals / Guitar, Craig Power - Bass,  Andrew - Drums / Perc.


Brad (Originals)

Prepro - June, 05

Tracked, Mixed & Mastered at CA

(No Pic available) MP3 Clip: Brad - Interlude clip.mp3
                                                           Brad - Late Night Soldier.mp3 - (Explicit Lyrics)

Classic Rock

Alter Ego  (Covers)

Bar Demo - March, 01

Tracked & Mixed at CA

Recorded: Time Frame for 8 songs: 2 days
A Halifax based cover band recorded an eight song demo in a weekend 
Alter Ego's site

MP3 clips: Alter Ego - Slide.mp3     Alter Ego - Higher.mp3 
Alter Ego - Why.mp3      Alter Ego - Warning.mp3  
                 Alter Ego - Comfortably numb.mp3


Southern Rock

City Fish - (Originals)

Demo EP - May, 00

Recorded & mixed at  CA

Time Frame for 8 songs: 22hrs
CityFish's Site

MP3 clips: City Fish - Angels Cry EP.mp3
City Fish - Halfway River EP.mp3
City Fish - Free Willy EP.mp3

Cymbals practically got away on this one!



50s & 60s

Gordon Douglas (Elvis Tribute)

Album - May, '06

Produced, Tracked, Mixed, Edited & at C.A.

(No Pic available) Time Frame: 1 week.   Gordie is a fun guy to watch on stage reliving the Elvis Memories.
                                     MP3 clip:    Gordie - Elvis Tribute - 3 song Clips.mp3

Pop / R & B

Eddie Simmons (Original)

Pre pro - Feb, 01

Produced, Tracked, Mixed, Edited & at C.A.

(No Pic available) Time Frame: 2 hrs   A haphazard bass & midi jam with Eddie Simmons & Eddie Fisher with some "half-cheesy" midi getting some song ideas together.  Mr. Simmons can sure slap the bass.
                                     MP3 clip:    Eddie Simmons - BassJamFeb'01.mp3

Classic Rock /Acoustic

Ryan Evans (Originals) 

Contest Demo - June, 01

Tracked, Mixed, Edited & at C.A.

Time Frame for 3 songs: 15 hrs

MP3 clips::  Ryan Evans - Spring Queen Demo.mp3
                   Ryan Evans - Tied in Lines Demo.mp3




90's Pop - Spanish

Eddie Fisher (Originals) 

Record Company Sale - 1995.

Tracked, Mixed, Edited & at C.A.

This is more of a tribute to the Pentium I (90 mega hertz) and to a very early switch from the four-track for pre-production rather than considered "good production".

 These are Eddie's first two original songs sold (as heard) in 1995 to a record company in Medellin, Colombia, S.A.  Everything, yes everything was tracked, edited & mixed on a 90 MHz P1, with a 800 MB HD, in the box!   All the Midi was from a 4 MB soundcard add on.  The offline effects were so crude back then but I was so happy to be one of the very first to get away from the 4 track! The record company re-recorded these songs which did quite well.  All writing, all programming & bass - Eddie Fisher.  Guitar - Toby Fernandez (written for Carlos Santana, Guitar Player for Juanes (12 Grammy awards).  Vocals & lyrics - Carolyn Cordonna.

MP3 clips:  Eddie Fisher - 2 Song Clips


Other's who have recorded here:
Forgotten People,
Fraser, The Odd Couples, Parsons & Macmillan, Lisa Clark, Change in Enemies, Nexus, Felix, Mohny Singh, and so many more.

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