Compact Audio Media & Associates: All aspects of Music, Sound FX, Environmental Background, Audio & Multimedia services.   Your success is our success.  We offer only the best and over-the-top quality and service you can find anywhere.

 For Radio, TV & Web :

  • Complete Audio to Video capabilities.
  • Jingles & Tingles.
  • Music & Sound for Television Programs, Commercials & Radio Shows.
  • Musical Sound Scores for Movies & Documentaries,
  • Audio for Shopping-Centers, Display Centers, Kiosks, Call-centers, Call waiting ads.
  • Large "Tried & True Talent Base" of all types for all styles and "Sizes" of work.  Best-in-the-business Composers,  Voice-over work, script writers,  Singers, lyricist, Bands.  Editing & Mixing Engineers with all the Post-Production tricks in the book.
  • Fast web servers to send proofs and distribute your project when finished.
  • Large comfortable fully-equipped studio with voiceover isolation room with plenty of seating and facilities.
  • Professional, non-intimidating atmosphere.
  • No-compromise top-of-the-line production equipment.
  • Only five minutes away from either bridge in Halifax or Dartmouth.
  • Extensive Stock Music Collection & Environment Sound Effects.
  • Superior, second to none results.
  • Here some Post Audio to Video examples from Compact Audio. Audio to Video.

     Here some Advertisement Audio Clips from Compact Audio that include all or some production, music, talent and in some cases the scripts.
      Audio Samples
    Demographic: Real Estate
    Recorded: Jan,04
    Client: Go Move
    Demographic: Real Estate
    Recorded: May,03

    Client: Unknown
    Jan. '07          ToolTime.mp3
    Creators: Craig Flemming, Eddie Fisher & Keith Marum.

    Client: Larry Foran
    Demographic: Ad for Mall
    Recorded: Nov. '03            Real-estate Ad2
    Scripts: George

    Client: Bridgewater Mall
    Demographic: Ad for Mall
    Recorded: Nov. '03            Bridgewater Mall Ad.mp3
    Scripts: Wally Stephen

    Client: Penhorn Mall
    Demographic: Ad for Mall
    Recorded: Nov. '03            Penhorn Mall Ad.mp3
    Scripts Wally Stephen

    Client: Penhorn Mall
    Demographic: Ad for Mall
    Recorded: Nov. '03           Penhorn Mall Ad2.mp3
    Scripts / Music: Wally Stephen / Mr. Creative.

      Examples from Compact Audio's Media Associates: Here are some of our associates that we either collaborate with or direct to deliver the final Compact Audio enriched product.

    Mr. Creativity - All the Music & Audio Postproduction is done by this associate who we like to refer to as Mr. Creativity, An award - winning composer/producer, has composed hundreds of hours of original music for commercials, television and film encompassing a wide variety of musical styles and formats.  Recent Awards:  London International Advertising Awards 2004 - Gold Statue Canadian Marketing Awards 2005- Gold Statue.   Major Television Performances:  6 History Channel Documentaries, The Prince and the Grail - 1.5 hour docu-drama- Vision TV.  52 episodes Wonder Why - CTV - children's science show, 26 episodes "Chef @ Large w/ Michael Smith" - Food Channel.  13 episodes "Food Hunter w/Pete Luckett" - Food Channel.  Dozens of cooperate Clients including: AT&T, Aliant Telecom, CTV, CanWest, Global, Labatt's, Molson, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Loto 649, Majesta, Nova Scotia Dept. of Tourism, Dairy Board of Canada...

    See Contact Info to get in touch.

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