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Eddie Fisher - Owner / Head Engineer
1-902-209-8988   1pm - 11pm
Having been in the industry for 20 years, Eddie has worked with all kinds of touring artists including Human, Craig Mercer & The Will Be Gones, and more recently Seven Mile Stare. Recording drums for guitarist Juan Carlos (World Guitar Hero several times over), Eddie is also an established session musician and vocalist. His production expertise is very impressionable and has guided many songs to success.

Justin Felix - Recording Engineer
Cell 1-902-789-4791  9am - 9pm   
Justin Felix is a professional audio engineer working out of Compact Audio Recording Studios in the Halifax area. He graduated NSCC Recording Arts in 2010 and since has been consistently working with local bands and artists. Over the past few years Justin has worked on numerous albums that have been released across Canada and online in many international countries.

Callum Gaudet - Recording Engineer
Cell 1-902-266-1230  10am - 11pm
A graduate with Honours from NSCC’s Recording Arts program, Callum has been with us for a few years and has done work with local acts such as In-Flight Safety, Willie Stratton, Floodland and The Regal Beagle Band. His ears have brought him into live work and location recordings where you can find him at festivals and venues capturing the artist or mixing their show. He's done work for live videos at Evolve Festival for acts like Dub Kartel, and We're Doomed. His knowledge of live feel is something he strives for in his recordings with no lack of experimentation for that studio quality. 

Jimmy Perez - Recording Engineer  
Cell - 1-902-449-7301  8am - 9pm
Jimmy hails from the Southern country Chile; formerly handling huge live concert recordings often recorded in 5.1, He’s worked with artists such as The Gatherine, KILLTERRY and Right On Yukon and used to teach recording at Duoc, Aiep, and IP Chile. Jimmy is also our computer genius; capable of solving even the most inexplicable computer crises and making sure all our powerful systems run smoothly.

Part-Time Engineers 

Nick Smith -
Cell 1-902-830-4938  9am - 9pm
A fellow graduate of the Recording Arts program at NSCC, Nick Smith is a talented young engineer with experience recording and performing in a variety of musical genres and styles. You can view Nick's partial portfolio here.

CJ Lohnes -
Cell 1-902-497-4742  9am - 9pm
A 2014 graduate of the Recording Arts program at NSCC, Cj Lohnes is a freelance audio engineer who cjlohnes@gmail.comspecializes in hip-hop, but loves tackling a variety of genres. He has mixed and mastered for artists from Dartmouth to England, and he's just getting started. You can view his partial portfolio here.

Chris Lauzon -
A graduate of the Recording Arts program at NSCC, Chris Lauzon is a producer, engineer, and keyboard player that has been performing live music in a variety of bands, at venues around Halifax and Dartmouth for the last ten years. Chris specializes in various forms of indie rock, metal, and electronic music. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Chris puts everything into getting the best possible quality when working on a project and constantly strives to excel at every task presented to him.

Rob Chapman -
Another eager and enthusiastic Recording Arts graduate, Rob Chapman enjoys working with the acoustic, the electric, and the electronic in a variety of genres from rock, to pop, to metal, and any mix of the three as a producer and engineer. A fresh face in the recording business, he's not one to back down from a challenge and is at his best when working with like-minded, creative individuals.

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