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  • GEAR FOR SALE.  CALL 902-469-8000 or 209-8988 BETWEEN 10 AM & 8 PM 7 days a week.  Located near MicMacMall in Dartmouth, NS.  gear(AT)compactaudio(dot)net     To sell your gear here, click here.

    ALL Gear is owned by Compact Audio except where (NON COMPACTAUDIO GEAR) is noted.  NO HST on any item unless otherwise stated.  See below for gear wanted section.....


    24" Evans CAD Genera EQ3 Batter Kick Drum Head (ring around inside)
    practically new.  $25.

    PA, Cases, Outboard Gear & FX:

    1 CS800 cross over can @150hrz: $12. 1 CS800 cross over can @150hrz for $10 (cosmetic damage).

    Mixing Console Case.  Hard Shell, HQ foam lining inside. Relatively light weight.  Structurally Perfect - Excellent at protecting your mixer and other gear.  7" X 35.5" X 25" Outside Dimensions. $125.00 obo

    Case (Soft) for Mixer (or other equipment). 1 1/2' X 3' aprx. The outside is dusty (as noted in the pic.) Most of it can be brushed off.  Inside is perfect.  $35 obo.

    Lexicon Reverb LXP-15 Version II Incredible Verb from the best in the bus.: $350.00
      Sound on Sound Review's.pdf

    DBX 462 Sonic Maximizer.  Awesome Classic EFX $140.00 obo.  The BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer is perfect for home studios, DJ systems, PA systems and guitar, bass, or keyboard racks any application not requiring balanced jacks. It provides processing for stereo or 2 separate mono channels brightening, clarifying, and adding fullness to the sound. Features 5-segment LED output meters, +18dBu headroom, RCA and 1/4" inputs and outputs, and a bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal. Occupies one rack space.
    * Great For Multi-track Studios
    * 2 channels of processing for stereo or separate mono mixes
    * 5 segment LED output meters
    * +18dBu headroom
    * RCA and 1/4" inputs and outputs
    * Hardwire bypass
    * Bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal

    Yamaha GC2020 Stereo Compressor w/ Gate.  Channel 1 intermittent, can most likely be fixed. Channel 2 is perfect.  $60 obo.

    Studio Equipment

    Full size, deluxe rack mount (48 units aprx.) studio / server cabinet w/ front (transparent) & back door. Adjustable rails. Amazing price at only $350 obo.  Excellent sound isolation for studio CPUs, Amps, etc.  Has sliding rails, shelving, wheels, Fans. These are very expensive new.  This is an older one, it's yellow in color (could be easily repainted) This will be an incredible deal for a person looking for a central location for there studio rack gear / CPU systems. The US prices in this link will give you some info  (Keep in mind # of rack spaces (48 aprox.) ):  

    DMAN 2044 channel IN / OUT 20 bit DAC with PCI Card & Breakout box  $40 obo. I am only able to find driver for Win98 ONLY which is a pity because this card sounds very good. $25

    Computers & Components

    AGP (older style) 2X 16 MB All-In-Wonder Video Card.  Watch Live TV from Cable or other video source with this older but awesome hardware based cable TV tuner card.   Also excellent at recording Cable TV or Video from RCA or Video Link in MPEG and AVI formats.  $15 obo.

    3D FX PCI Video Card (16 or 32 meg): $5.

    Aopen 10/100 PCI Ethernet Card (hardware based) (New): $10.00 obo.

    350 Watt Power Supply
    (New): $15  

    350 Watt Power Supply: (Never Used) $15   

    Firewire Cables 12' & 6' (NEW): $8 each.

    Premium Laptop Carry Case: $35 obo

    Laptop Lock / Cable, quick lockdown, prevents laptop theft. $10.

    Hardware Based 56K PCI Modem (NEW) (Aopen): $15    

    Hardware Based GNet 56K PCI Modem: $12 obo.

    2 X Cooler Master Dual Ball Bearing 8cm Fan: $3 each.

    2 X Brushless DC fans: $3 for both.

    3Com Parallel Tasking II 10/100 base Network Card, PCI (hardware performance based): $10

    Aopen 5 port 10/100 switch network hub (wired) w adapter: $15 obo.  

    LAN Cat. 5 Crossover Cable, 10 Meters: $12

    AMD Athlon 2100 + Fan & original packaging:  $40 obo.
    Click for CPU reviews:

    AMD Athlon 2000 + Fan: $30 obo.

    Intel Pentium 1 133 MGZ w CPU Fan: $10.

    AMD Athlon XP CPU Fan (NEW): $5  

    Sound Blaster Live Audio PCI card, Excellent for Sound Fonts: $20 obo.  

    SCSI II SIIG PCI Adapter for internal/ external SCSI drives / devices.  Bulletproof, excellent adapter: $40.00

    Long SCSI 2 internal Cable:  $15

    3 X 2 Gig SCSI 2 Drives (7,200 rpm).  Yes quite small but work well: $15 for all.

    Hand Held Mouse with thumb / ball action.  Very accurate, comfortable, (Never used): $15.

    Computer Microphone (Compaq) (New): $8.

    4 X COM Port Mouse: $2 each.  (Still good to have one to access DOS!) 

    2 X PS2 Mouse: $2 each.

    WANTED MUSIC GEAR (or to trade for) In very good condition and well-priced:

    Wanted: Great sounding snare drum(s).

    Wanted: Microphones -
    in excellent condition & reasonably priced.  NEUMANN TLM-103, NEUMANN 184, . AT 4041s,91, Bayer 201.

     Neve, Focusrite, Vintech, 1073 Clones or other high end preamps.  Only preamps originally worth 1,000 +.

    A drum triggering Interface or Brain like the Roland SPD

    Call Eddie Fisher at 902-469-8000 or 902-209-8988 cel. 888-WOW-HITS, 10am- 8p.m,


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