Rates & Booking info... Please call us today to make an appointments for a quick studio tour, request a quote, schedule studio time or to answer any questions you might have.  Setup a meeting time to discuss your vision and goals for the project.   Free setup time. Honest Pricing.  Flexible Payment options and Flexible hours.  Please call enough in advance to book studio time.

We now offer Financing possibilities & Factor support for both demos and full albums*.

Although our rates are a good value, they are not the cheapest in town.  However, we know you will end up paying much less having your project done by us the right way the first time and remember, your ears will get what you pay for.

1. All Preproduction, Recording, Editing, Mixing & Producing for Bands and Artists comes with full use of studio & instruments, 96 Tracks in Protools (industry standard) 24/96 x 2 (24 Bit) with the latest apogee converters (only the best).  We also have tons of DSP Headroom, some lovely classic preamps and basically all the best recording equipment you will need.  Eddie Fisher oversees all major aspects of every project to ensure the highest quality outcome. 

Standard rate with recording / mixing engineer & Producer John Longley
is $48.00 per hour incl HST.
Standard rate
with recording / mixing engineer & Producer Eddie Fisher is $60.00 per hour incl HST.
We welcome freelancing engineers & producers working with bands.

Block rates:   4 hour session w/ John Longley 150.00 incl HST.    8 hour session + 1/2 hr break w/ John Longley $265 incl HST
                              4 hour session w/ Eddie Fisher $200
incl HST.         8 hour session + 1/2 hr break w/ Eddie Fisher $340 incl HST

3.  Weekly & monthly rates, Long-term projects and Prepaid hours are further discounted.  Ask about our specials and call for an estimate regarding any weekly blocks and long-term projects.

4.  Specials:
A. !!! Limited time special !!!  We have a one time $99.95 incl HST one song Demo package special burned to CD for artists under 20 years of age which includes: - 3.0 hours studio time - Complete use of all in studio equipment and instruments and recording / mixing engineer & Producer John Longley.

B. !!! Limited time special Starting on Jan. 1st, 2007 to Feb. 25th !!!  For new customers only!  If you're working with an extreme budget but sonic compromise is not an option, this is your chance!
     8 hour sessions + 1/2 hr break w/ John Longley $220 incl HST!  Number of days may be limited. Extended hours only $25 per hour incl. HST!  Monday - Friday 8AM - 10 PM.  Sat. & Sun 10 AM - 8 PM

5.  Mastering is performed by Eddie Fisher at $50.00 per hour HST incl.  1st song "proof test" $75.00 HST incl.  Six song Mastering special with CD master Cues & Spaced $250.00 incl HST.  Mastered Album with CD master Cues, etc. $410.00 incl HST.  We don't just "run your stuff through the box" in a couple of hours.  We work on the final mastering of each song at several different times over the period of 2 or 3 days (time permitting) until we and you are happy.  Of course if you're really on a budget and you'd rather hire Eddie or John  for 2 or 3 hours to quickly master what you have to take it up a few notches instead of attempting a "do-it-yourself", we're confident we can still do a lot to help get a polished mastered sound to help compete in today's market.

Management, Agents, Promoters, Distribution, Publishing & Advertising (In-house or with an associate) is dealt with on a per case basis / agreement before the service is provided.

7.  Song writing and Hiring players - We are also musicians who are highly creative and talented on our instruments and constantly write music.  We don't mind helping you to write your songs, this is somewhat covered under our base hourly fee.  However, there is a line where we offer so much writing to the song that other interests may have to be acknowledged.  Our main focus is to make your project a success and we're not greedily looking for any song rights.  We all really win when you win.  If you're looking for help co-writing we can discuss this before tracking and work our a very reasonable deal.  We're happy to offer our performances or we can contact our wide and highly talented musician base.

8.  Offsite & Live concert recordings.  Please call for price quote.  An average Rock, Pop, Country or Metal Band will run between $400 to $750 incl. HST depending on location, logistics, gear needed, hours, day of week, etc.  We generally flat rate Offsite and Live concert recordings.

Drum Tracks on Demand - hire a drummer or drum studio.  We provide the ultimate drum tracks for studios and artists locally & around the world.  Using cams setup around the drums and free real-time conferencing programs, you are in control of every detail of the drum recording session goes.  Choose from four noteworthy studio worthy drummers or bring your own.

Digital Video editing & burn to DVD $30 - $60 per hour depending on nature of video processing & editing required and number of hours. 

Photo shoots, Graphic Design, Photo Shop editing and advanced Graphic Design for CDs, Posters & Websites $50.00 per hour available through our associates.  Mass CD & DVD production available through our associates - the best in town.

12.  Hard drives & Backups of Sessions - Clients usually buy an compatible hard drive for their session which you get to keep at the end of the session.  Hard drives are inexpensive these days and we always have several on hand for you to purchase here.  If you prefer to buy somewhere else no problem but call us first to discuss our latest hard drive requirements.  We back up your project on a regular basis to our own server which is done free off charge.  Permanent DVDs can be made at the end of the session if you wish.  We charge a very low hourly rate for DVD backups and the blank DVD media is free.

Digital Audio Workstation & Studio Consultant -  Rates vary depending on type of consulting, tutoring, diagnosing, tweaking, maintaining & building services are required.  For example a reinstall of your OS, setup and tweaking of your BIOs & OS OR a Private lesson in Protools is $75 per hour.  Price p/h would go down based on the number of hours.

Live sound production & reinforcement
- Full sound reinforcement using Protools for mixing live for the ultimate in live sound production.  Limited PA equipment rentals.   Sound tech's of all types available for live Mixing, PA setup, Tear down & transport.  Call for pricing.

Studio gear rentals - assortment of high end pro-audio pieces for hourly, daily & weekly rentals. Call for pricing.

Transfer Audio & Video - DAT, ADAT, LP records, Cassette, Reel to Reel & 8-track to Compact Disk.  Transfer Video - VHS, Hi 8 (8mm) and Mini DV to DVD.  Audio Restoration and Noise Reduction $45 per hour.  Large amounts of transfers may discounted. 

Commercial Media - Audio to Video, Jingles & Ads for Radio & T.V, Score-composing, Voice-overs, etc. please call for pricing.

Web hosting - Very, very reasonable pricing.  Free 2 month trial for new clients of Compact Audio's.

19.  CD Manufacturing - While we can run off small orders of 100 CDs, we prefer to dedicate to the art and science of sound & music and put you in touch with companies we regularly use who completely specialize in short (50 +) and large (500 +) orders.

Financing - In-house financing may be subject credit check and / or project collateral and monthly interest rates.  Third Party financing will be subject to that of the companies' policy. 

Factor Grant Help - We will help you fill out your Factor Grant applications and help to get it accepted.

We Accept: Cash, Money Orders, Certified Cheque, Advance Cheque Payments (5 days), C
redit cards and debit via Pay Pal (you need an account already setup for this ahead of time).  All payments due by end of daily session unless otherwise discussed prior to session.  *Reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis.


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