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Recording Artists - Please see see: the staff, the studio, artists samples, rates & contact Info which includes all the aspects of our qualifications, blue print for success, song writing, recording process, equipment, mixing, mastering, demos and more.

Song Writing and Hiring players - we are musicians who are also highly creative and talented on our instruments and constantly write music, If you're looking for help co-writing we can discuss this before tracking and work our a very reasonable deal.  We're happy to offer our performances or we can contact our wide, well known,  highly talented musician base (as well as some best kept secrets) session players available.

Drum Tracks on Demand - hire a drummer or drum studio.  We provide the ultimate drum tracks for studios and artists both locally & around the world.  Many studios & artists, both large and small, would rather outsource real drums tracks due to the large time investment of properly setting up a drum kit and recording gear to get the "right sound" not to mention the immense cost of high-end mics, mic pres, processing equipment and a pro kit with a wide selection of snares and cymbals.  For remote clients we use cams and mics setup around the drums and feed our mix through free, real-time conferencing programs.  We can hear and see one another just like from a control room to ISO room.  You are in control of every detail of the recording session!   Choose from four noteworthy studio-worthy drummers or bring your own.  Determine the type of drum sound you're going for and we go through the session until your very satisfied.  We then time or groove correct anything, polish the edits and you download  the 18+ track drum session off our server!

Live Recording
As far as live recording is concerned, Compact Audio brings the same high quality components to live gigs as in the studio.  Everything needed to record is made very portable, including  high end compressors & limiters, microphones, preamps etc.

  • All 24 bit A/D converters, 24 bit recording file depth & highest quality preamps.
  • As many recording tracks as you need.  We bring a minimum of 18 tracks.  Have complete control over the mix.
  • Split snake so the house mix completely independent of the recording.
  • The ability to overdub & fix up poor performances back at the studio.
  • Tracked directly into Protools so no downtime downloading, transferring, importing or converting!

    In most cases, it's possible for us to do the live sound for the band for very little extra while we track, making live tracking even more affordable.  Ask how pristine & advanced our live sound is!!!

    Digital Audio Workstation Consultant
    Eddie has been using PCs & Mac computers for multi-track recordings, midi sequencing & virtual instrument since '94. Eddie took computer based audio seriously long before the many that use it today and by '98 developed a "computer guru" like status for teaching, consulting, diagnosing, tweaking, maintaining & building high performance music stations.  Eddie teaches Protools, mixing, mastering, studio design and recording techniques from beginner to advanced users.  We sell high-end audio products from a few audio-phile companies and can recommend gear choices.

    "Computer systems can be a hostile environment for audio. There had been many afternoons I said, " I would gladly pay someone a few bucks so that I could finish this project and learn what's wrong". I've paid a lot of money out to well educated computer consultants who were experts on security, networking, data recovery but couldn't manage / fix Digital Audio Workstations to save their lives!  I've spent years learning what works and why.  DAW's require real-time operation and regardless of how expensive the computer based audio system, there are or there will (eventually) be bottlenecks that cause drop outs, sync problems or just unsatisfactory performance. I'm offering a service that I wish I had had years ago".

    Web Server for hosting - Host your websites, MP3s, Videos or anything else digitized here on Compact Audio's fast web servers.

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