The Staff (& our Mission). No matter the studio need Compact Audio can deliver the professional quality sound that your project needs at a price you can afford. All recording sessions are managed in an efficient, effective producer-like manner. Variety is the spice of music and although we specialize in some styles of music more than others, we are deeply passionate about recording all styles of music.  We're musicians too and we know musicians often run on a tight budget that's why we are aggressively competitive with our pricing, help with Factor applications and offer financing where possible.  2nd best is never an option, we are constantly working overtime to ensure we have the best gear and the latest, bleeding edge production techniques.  Producer / Engineer Eddie Fisher and his assistants are highly creative, open-minded, results driven and respond to clients' wishes.  Soon you have your ultimate recording in your hands, but then what?  We win when you win and Compact Audio will help you succeed with our "best-in-the-business" Associates & Services.  Let us show you what we can do for you. 

From the infancy of song writing to final master to the first tour or record deal, we can help.  And Let's face it, many people today have some kind of access to some kind of recording "gear" and some like the idea of recording themselves or have a friend record.  One difference with our philosophy is we actually encourage people to do some work "at home".  Exercising some of the Demons out before starting with us is not a bad idea, usually the more you can bring us, the better!  When you finally have as many ideas down as possible, the big difference starts here,  we really know our stuff, we've been working on our chops for years.  We eat, breath & sleep tracking, editing, mixing & mastering in the digital domain 24/7, not to mention the art and producing of music!  We will  take whatever you already have and send it to the stratosphere.    You know when you are ready to take your product serious and too the next level.  Really, who would you want to represent you as your lawyer?

Behind the Board...  

Until mid '95 Eddie Fisher was a drummer by trade playing and co-wrote with bands and artists such as P.F Station - an all-original funk rock group (Now known as the prominent JSB), Pulse - a full fledged Reggae band, Trek Two - a local cover band, & Banafrica - an African band with fellow musician Jamie Sparks. In mid '95 Eddie moved to Colombia, South America to broaden his musical palette aggressively pursuing drumming & song writing. He played, wrote, and recorded extensively Solo and with many Latin pop-rock bands even opening concerts for world renown artists. " What I aspired to in SA were peoples' ambition levels, less talk and more action. A willingness to work hard for weeks on end to make projects happen" .  Eddie spent over two years working in world class studios with a number of talented song writers, producers, engineers & musicians many of whom had previously studied in World Class studios in LA, New York and Miami.  Eddie has been fortunate to see some of industries' best record & mix hit albums.   Several of the musicians Eddie had worked and recorded with have since won Grammies in US.   "Starting as a studio drummer I saw how projects were born, sold and finished in these record companies and eventually I began selling songs to albums that I was already recording drums on. After a couple of major recordings I had record companies willing to employ me as an writer, producer & engineer for their artists."

Aside from dedicating his life to the art of recording & songwriting, Eddie has played drums & sang for the past 6 years with Halifax-based bands such as JD Clark (ECMA Nominee), Barnacle, Blueberry Grunt, JohnEddieCraig, Lana Grant, Blue Bay & Merrymack.  Eddie lends his diverse musical experiences to other artist's projects selflessly, doing whatever it takes to make both the project succeed and the client happy.  Eddie has been deeply involved in hard disk computer based recording since '94, long long before it became mainstream.  Eddie was a product specialist and taught classes on Cakewalk (now Sonar) for almost three years in Colombia, SA.  Eddie has also been a beta tester for several audio products including Protools 6.4 & 6.9 and well-known audio plugins.  Eddie considers the art of audio to be a life time learning experience.  Regardless of the amount of audio related work per he does, he still studies several hours weekly to be sure he is on the bleeding edge of skills for his craft.  In early 2005 Eddie was offered a teaching position at an Arts recording program in Halifax.  Eddie specializes in almost anything studio related from computer building, registry tweaks, studio layout & construction to teaching mixing skills.

John Longley - Assistant Engineer One of the badest dudes in Halifax... Beginning in the mid 1990’s John Longley began establishing himself as one of the best new guitarists in his home of the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Starting at the age of seventeen John worked doing session work on guitar and as engineer/producer on many projects. After working with Engineer/Producer Glenn MacMullen (Arlibido, Kudzu, 60 Watt Vamp) at the now defunct Velvet Cactus Studios periodically through the 1990’s, John honed his skills for mixing, writing and producing great music ranging from jazz and country all the way to metal and progressive rock. From roughly 2003-2006 John lived and worked in Toronto, ON working as a freelance live sound engineer through major production companies such as Westbury, AV/FX and Band World and recorded many projects at his home studio where he further developed as a mixing and mastering engineer.  Performing and writing himself with groups such as rock groups Seventh Sign and 76A.M, ska/reggae group Green Leaf and now his current Halifax alternative rock group My Dog Ego, John, like head engineer Eddie Fisher, comes at the recording process from a musicians perspective, which means always catering to the song and the integrity of the artist, something he believes will always result in the best possible results.


Oct. 12th, 2006, from Juan Carlos Coronado - One of the best up and coming guitar player as stated by Guitar player magazine.

    "Ed! I just wanted to let you know that the tracks that you recorded for the album are amazing. I'm extremely happy with your flawless performance and sound. You are simply the best drummer I've ever worked with.  I hope we can work together again in the future.  See ya soon bud! Juan".

April 2005, email response from
Drew Mazurek Producer, Mixing Engineer for Linkin Park, H.I.M. , DJ Kool, GWAR, Nothingface, Dog Fashion Disco, Fu Manchu, Jawbox, Allman Brothers, Lyle Lovett, VH1, and MTV regarding production recorded and produced at Compact Audio.

    "Listened in the car today. Good stuff and very well done. Not sure what I'd be able to add to be honest. Production and performances were      pretty much album quality"

April 2004

"Hey man, These songs sound great. thanks for getting it out to us so fast!
We can do this thing man if we apply ourselves.  God bless you and your family. Carlos"

March, 2003 - Email from Derek Roche c/o HUMAN regarding full length album recording.

"Lunchbox"!! Doc here just dropping a line to say thanks for everything you did for us on the album. I'm sure you heard already that we received the ECMA for Rock Group/Artist of the year and I have no doubt that your skillz behind the board helped us achieve this step in our career.

Thanks as well for letting us be US, which can be hard to deal with sometimes, and also for making us laugh a bit which lightened the mood for our first real full length recording. We'll see you when we crank out more tunes for our second album.

Thanks again!   Derek.

August 14, 2002 - Email from Blain Morris owner of Tonic Sounds regarding a recording.

..... Let me know if you are interested and I'll give some thought to rate if you can do it.  Also if you know of any players who can put out that disco vibe, let me know....for that matter if you have any disco-y stuff that you would like to sell and retain royalties to, or create new ,  let me know and I'll take a listen.  This is interesting cause I'm always looking for real drums but I can't justify an entire studio session for it and you are perfect because you're a kick ass drummer, an engineer and the kicker is you actually are a computer wiz.  Let me know if you have the time and I'll call you.


Dec. 4th, 99 - Email From Jaime Sparks regarding a CD full of original & cover projects recorded.
Subject: Mix Master:

"Hey Eddie,

Just wanted to say the CD you gave me is top notch, no doubt!  I especially liked the Bob Marley tune, Livin La Vida Loca, the ones recorded at Sonolux (I think that's the name of the studio, I don't have the paper near), also track 16 &17. 

Of course, I liked all the ones you played drums on, as well as the ones you had a hand in writing & arranging (you're just one big ball of talent!), but I was mainly listening for the mixes.  You had good presence, all frequencies well represented.  Great levels too, loud, but no distortion!  It's no wonder you got the jobs at the studios.

Like I said in my message I left on your machine, If you've got some spare time soon, I would love to record a song at your place.  Let me know.


  CA is registered with ECMAs.

We regularly send off song writers & musicians "rights" off to Socan

  CA is in the process of being registered with MIANS

   We regularly send off applications to Factor.

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